For impatient girls (hello!), our idea of nail art is a fresh mani adorned with the inevitable imprint of bed sheets, strands of hair and smudges of any kind, really. Of course, we don’t actually want these designs, they’ve just become a given with every coat of lacquer we paint on our busy little fingers.
But what can we do? Every time we paint our nails there seems to be a pair of skinny jeans that’s begging to be tried on at that very moment, or a bag of potato chips that’s just been cracked, and suddenly we’re in an IRL game of Operation. The point is, we simply don’t have the time (uh, patience) to sit around, literally watching paint dry.
What we need is a way to give ourselves an at-home mani without having to devote multiple post-paint hours to blowing on our fingertips. Are we dreaming? No! In fact, there are a ton of great products on the market that have been specifically designed for fidgety individuals like ourselves, looking to speed up the drying process. From properly prepping your nails to life-changing quick-dry drops, we’re sharing five at-home manicure tips with as little down time possible.
Browse the gallery below to learn five ways to get and maintain a smudge-free mani.